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Wedding Hair & Airbrush Makeup for NY & NJ Tri-State Area

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With over 15 years specializing in creating elegant wedding hairstyles & flawless all day wear wedding makeup, Magda Designs provides an expert level of service and travels to your location on your wedding day.  As a licensed skin care, makeup & hair specialist, Magda & her team of  professional & highly trained artists offer airbrush makeup  as well as natural makeup applications. Our service area includes: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut & destination weddings. Contact us now to book your wedding hair  makeup trial: (908) 447-6910.

Press & Awards:  Our work has been featured in Town & Country, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Wedding Chicks, Junebug Weddings, Ruffled, Manhattan Bride,, 201 Bride, The Knot, New Jersey Bride, Elle (China), Bridal Musings, and  other wedding blogs & magazines. We are also the proud recipient of Wedding Wire’s Bride’s Choice Award.

Photo & Styling Credits:  (Photos 1 -6)  by millie B Photography / (Photo 7) by Laura Gordon Photography / Bridal Gowns by Sareh Nouri / Wedding Hair Accessories by Liv Hart for Enchanted Atelier

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Fall Wedding at Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, NJ

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Amy and John’s wedding was held on a beautiful autumn day. Crisp leaves, the color of red, orange, and amber, painted the backdrop and symbolized the beautiful change these two were about to embark upon.

To get Amy ready for her walk down the aisle, we clipped in human hair extensions for added volume. Her hair was styled half up, half down, with 3/4 of it combed back around the crown. The curls were pinned in such a way that allowed them to elegantly cascade down her back.

On her face, Pro Ultra’s, Face Atelier, shade #6, was used as a base. Atop that, we dusted HD powder by Makeup Forever, which laid the foundation for a flawless look. For added definition, a highlight powder was used both above and below the brow, as well as, above the cheeks.

To bring out the color in Amy’s eyes, we used the Rich Chocolate eye palette by Bobbi Brown. To start off with a clean slate, we applied, Bone, an off-white to the lid. For the outer lid, we used Stone, which was swept into the crease, combining with Rich Chocolate. Just above the crease we used a nude color, Frappe, for blending purposes. To open up the eyes, we applied Champagne Truffle on her inner lid. The color was also added under the brow to lift and brighten Amy’s look. Single lashes were then added and coated with two layers of waterproof mascara in order to avoid any makeup mishaps.

Amy was just about ready. She puckered her lips to be glossed with, Mac’s, Viva Glam V, and for the finishing touches, we dabbed Orgasm, by Nars, across her cheeks. She looked impeccable.

It was such a pleasure to work with Amy, who’s smile is as big as her heart, and we wish her nothing but success on her new journey.

Photography: Michael Simon Photography


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How to Avoid a Wedding Hair Don’t

There are multiple factors that go into finding the perfect ‘do for the I do’s. To avoid the cringe-worthy, “What was I thinking?” we’ve compiled a list to narrow down the styles that will work best for you.

Face shape

A good hairstyle is meant to accentuate your positive attributes and minimize your not-so-positive ones. Because of this, the same look can appear completely different on two contrasting people. To know what will work best for you, you first need to determine the shape of your face: oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond, or oblong.

For example, if you have a round face, your hair should have more volume at the crown of your head. This will add length to the face, especially if you have shorter hair.

If you have an oblong look, you’ll want to add width. Shorter looks compliment an oblong face, however, if you like a longer style, adding curls or layers will give width to your cheekbones.


The wedding dress could be the determining factor in whether hair will be up or down. Your hair should be worn in an up-do if your dress has a detailed back or a high neckline. The idea is to compliment the gown, not compete with it. Also consider your chosen wedding date and venue location. If you’re getting married during the hot summer months, or saying your vows on a beach, where wind is a factor, you may want your hair up or pinned back.

Your Hair

Consider the length and texture of your hair. With shorter hair, there will be some limitations with the style and type of accessory you choose. If you wish to keep your hair short, get it cut a few weeks prior the big day to give the edges a chance to soften. If you choose a style that requires longer hair, you may have time to let it grow, or you might consider extensions. Extensions can also be used to add volume and body to those with fine hair.


If you plan to wear a veil, tiara, or barrette, you’ll want to find a style that adorns your overall look and doesn’t over power or hide amongst it.

Before going to your trial, It helps to be prepared with a picture of your dress and some ideas as to what style you are looking for. If you are wearing an accessory in your hair, bring it with you.

To book your trial call Magda at 908-447-6910

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Why Facials are Important

Like it or not, complexion provides a first impression. Your skin may display a tired, worn look, signs of aging, or over exposure from the sun. Because the skin is a first defense against any element, pores are constantly filing with dirt, oil and bacteria . If these things are not removed they will fester and can lead to acne, fine lines and age spots. Regardless of the stressor, it can cause a spectrum of emotion and have damaging affects on self esteem. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these problems.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and in order to maintain its health, it needs to be taken care of properly. Getting facials regularly will not only aid in preventative matters, but a facial done well can reduce or rid these nuances.

Below are the top 3 reasons people get facials:

1. Acne: A deep cleanse will unclog congested pores, allowing your skin to breathe. By getting rid of this bacteria, it will keep the area from getting infected and can help to prevent scarring.

2. Aging: With the increase of age comes the decrease of collagen, leading to wrinkles and saggy skin. Facials increase cell metabolism, creating fibroblasts. Because fibroblasts are responsible for the synthesis of collagen, it will help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Another added bonus of a facial is that it will increase the benefits of your over the counter products. Facials relax and tone the muscles, so your products will absorb into your skin faster.

3. Oily Skin: It can be difficult to get rid of oily skin without over drying it. Getting a regular facial is going to help balance the production of oil while retaining its moisture.

 Bonus tip for the brides* Start getting regular facials before your big day. This will allow you to take control of your skin, so you won’t get any unexpected pimples on the day of your wedding. A facial will also keep your skin soft so the makeup will bind with the skin instead of having a flaky appearance. Not to mention, it’s a great way to relax.




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A Wedding at Season’s Catering

NJ wedding hair & makeup @ Seasons

Soft low textured updoK+M_0102From the moment Katherine arrived, we clicked. Her beauty was glowing from the inside out and we wanted to give her a look to match. For the foundation, we used FACE Atelier, the blush was Orgasm by NARS, and the lips, Viva Glam V, lipstick and gloss by MAC. As for the defined, classic eye, we used a white shimmer dust by Face Stockholm and several MAC shadows: Soba, Brun, and Saddle.

To begin, Soba was swept across the lid and blended to the crease, where it met with Brun. Brun is a deep brown that was used to define the eye. Then, we used Saddle, a highly pigmented, burnt orange color. Saddle began on the inner lid and gracefully fused into the crease above Brun. To finish it off, we used a white shimmer. The shimmer was, lightly, dusted atop the brow bone, to accent the pearls draped across Katherine’s neck. She was stunning.

Katherine’s hair was, loosely, pulled back to add texture and height on the crown. It was set and kept low to the nape of her neck, so her veil could sit slightly above. Her bridesmaids matched in suit of style, yet each girl was given a unique twist or curl, allowing them to feel just as elegant on the bride’s special day.

For the finishing touches, we applied Orgasm to the apple of her cheeks and dabbed the deep red of Viva Glam V upon her lips. Katherine glanced in the mirror one last time, and was now ready to kiss the man of her dreams.

The photographer used was Timothy Martin Photography 

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NJ Wedding Hair/Makeup – The Brick House Wedding

IMG_8460 2natural makeupPonytail swept ot one side



For bride, Megan Gobasak, the day’s look was soft hair, a neutral palette of taupes and browns, a shade of berry for the lips, and orgasmic cheeks.

To start, we used a silicone-based foundation—Face Atelier—which doesn’t crease or flake, giving Megan one less thing to think about throughout her big day. With the days foundation laid, we put our focus to the eyes, using two Mac shadows: Soba and Sketch. Soba, a taupe color, started on the lid and was feathered to the crease. The white shimmer hidden in the shadow helped to bring out a slight sparkle in the eye. Where Soba ended, Sketch began—a deep burgundy, used to pull the color of the eye, and a gel liner was swept across the lid to accentuate the look. For the lips, we dabbed on Mac’s Viva La Glam VI, a warm berry color.  For the cheeks, a touch of Orgasm, by Nars, to define the face.

Megan’s hair was set and styled into a side ponytail. Then, section by section, each curl was pinned into place. We combed back the hair to create the height at crown. To tame and smooth fly away hair, we used Kenra sprays #9, #13, and #25.
When we finished, Megan stood, breathtaking, and ready to walk down the isle of The Brick House in style.

All photography was done by ByMillieBPhotography
Location: The Brick House

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