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4 Wedding Hair Accessories for Your Big Day

There are certain aspects of a wedding that guests can’t help but be critical of, like the flower arrangements, the menu, or whether the reception has an open bar or not. However, all of that fades into the background when the bride walks down the aisle or enters the reception as all eyes are on her beautiful dress and gorgeous styling. Because the bride is essentially the star of this major life event, it’s vital that you look your absolute best for your big day.

The dress, hair and makeup might carry the bulk when it comes to your bridal attire, but accessories have an undeniable ability to add an ethereal element to your entire ensemble. For example, a crystal tiara brings out your inner fairy tale princess, while a flower crown gives off a romantic country vibe.

Here are four different ways you can use hair accessories to elevate your look:

A Beaded Headpiece

A headpiece with pearls and other beads is enchanting on a bride. The boho headdress design of the accessory that can be seen on Wedding Inspirasi is fashion forward, and pairs elegantly with a wavy do and a middle part.


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A Hair Corsage

There is this certain delicacy a woman exudes when hair is decorated with flowers, and when you have something similar to the Asos White Wedding Hair Corsage as displayed by the fashion aggregator Lyst. Additionally, a loose chiffon with a few curls hanging off will complement the soft and fresh nature of the flowers.


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A Birdcage Veil

This accessory will draw more attention to your face, so you need to keep in mind the type of hairdo you’ll be wearing. The hair around your face should be styled in a simply way so that it doesn’t look like there’s too much going on. Latest Hairstyles say that the veil looks the most flattering when worn diagonally to slight cover one eye. In case the veil is too poofy, use bobby pins to flatten it out.


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A Floral Wreath

Instead of opting for a flower crown, pick a headpiece that also showcases the twisting vine to make it look natural and rustic, perfect for a countryside barnyard or beach wedding. The Washingtonian Bride & Groom section has an easy DIY tutorial to help you make this delicate floral garland.


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