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This Unique Form of Exfoliation Will Leave You Wanting More

Skincare is important, you know it, I know it, that’s that. When it comes to planning a course of action for the issue, whether it be fine lines, dry skin, etc. there are many procedures and treatments that your medical aesthetician can advise. My favorite, and the favorite of my clientele is Dermaplaning.

If you have not heard of Dermaplaning, it is done with a sterilized surgical blade. The blade is used to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin. The procedure is not long and has no down time. The only aftermath you may experience is a pinkish tone to your skin on the day of and possibly the following day (meaning you should definitely be wearing sunscreen).

The procedure helps remove the dry, hard layer of skin that does not shed off on its own. It will help in the exfoliation process, it also helps refine fine lines, even out sun damaged skin, and stimulate blood circulation. Dermaplaning also helps with the removal of fine Vellus hair (peach fuzz). The only time this procedure is not advised it for active acne, however, it is great for helping with the aftermath; acne scars.

Since Dermaplaning gets rid of your dead skin cells, anything you do to your skin afterwards (i.e. anti-aging facial, chemical peel, etc.) will add a little extra oomph to the procedure. Even the products you use at home will be better absorbed by your skin.

My clients love this procedure because it helps them with everything I’ve listed above, as well as oily skin, hyper-pigmentation and because it leaves their skin looking nourished and radiant. It’s great for all skin types, and is a must for brides and anyone looking to reduce signs of aging. As an added bonus, after the procedure, your makeup will look much smoother and last longer.

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