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April’s DIY Newsletter

On your wedding day, you’ll want the music to make you dance and the photos to capture the right moments. It’s a day to remember, and it should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Just don’t wake up from this dream to realize you’ve spent all your money on the wedding. The outfit, entertainment, and food add up quickly. Figure out what’s most important to you and splurge on that. For everything else, see what you can do yourself. To give you some ideas I’ve listed 3 easy DIY projects that will save you hundreds.

Two-Tiered Cake:

Believe me, I’m no baker. I’m the type of person who burns a tray of brownies, so if I did it so can you.

What I Bought (assuming you have cake pans)

  • 2 boxes of cake mix
  • Vegetable oil
  • 2 containers of butter cream frosting
  • Eggs
  • Decorating icing
  • Writing icing
  • 2 boxes of Marzipan

Marzipan Flowers:
Helpful Video
Step 1: Color the dough (I used writing icing)
Step 2: roll the dough out until it’s about an 1/8 of an inch thick
Step 3: Cut out 5 circles for your petals (rose size will depend on circle size)
Step 4: Thin the edges of each circle
Step 5: Roll the first circle into a tube and flare out edges
Step 6: Wrap each circle around the tube and flare out edges

Marzipan Leaves:
Step 1: color the dough
Step 2: roll out the dough until it’s about an 1/8 of an inch thick
Step 3: cut out leaves
Step 4: attach the leaves to the roses
*I used decorating icing to keep some of the flowers in place.


Cost: $35.24

What I Bought:

  • 1/2 dozen color roses
  • Greens
  • Orchids
  • Larkspur
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Ribbon

Making the bouquet was surprisingly easy. However, just like the cake, you’ll want the flowers to be fresh, so this will have to be done a day, or so, before the wedding. Shop around beforehand to find the best deals, or to avoid running around, order from an online wholesaler who will deliver the flowers to your house. I got mine from a farmer’s market.

  • Separate each flower and lay them out on the table
  • Cut off excess leaves from each stem
  • Choose a few flowers to center your piece around
  • Organize your other flowers around the center until your arrangement looks soft and elegant
  • Use floral tape or rubber bands to keep your flowers together (I tied one rubber band to the top of the stems and one to the bottom)
  • Wrap the ribbon around your stems and tape it together


Cost: $33.85.

There are so many examples on Pinterest and Etsy of people who make their own headpieces. I’ve looked through them, and for the most part, they’re really cute. It turns out, they’re easy to make too.

Instead of dropping a lot of money on a designer headpiece or buying someone else’s homemade piece, why not make your own? You can tailor the design to your wedding style or theme, and it would be 100% unique. I’ll tell you how I made mine…


What I Bought: (everything came from Michaels)

  • Stem Pearl Dogwood Flowers (fake)
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Tight weave burlap
  • Round wire
  • Headband
  • Cut 5 teardrop shaped pieces (3 large, 2 medium) from the burlap
  • At the midpoint of your headband, glue the edge of a large teardrop, leaving most of it hanging over the front
  • Descending down one side, glue the second and third, large teardrop in the same fashion (the bottom point of the final teardrop should be about 21/2 inches from the bottom of the headband)
  • On top of those, glue the two smaller teardrops (place one in between the first and second teardrop and one in between the second and third teardrop)
  • Pull the flowers off their stems and take out the middle jewel. Then cut each petal from the flower
  • Towards the bottom of your third teardrop glue each petal individually, adding three layers in the same fashion
  • Glue all 3 jewels to the middle of your flower
  • On the bottom 21/2 inches of your headband, glue 2 leaves
  • Starting at the end of the burlap, down the side, opposite, the flower, wrap your wire 


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