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Retro Inspired Curls

10641160_1009781719047166_5795123715430145488_n[1]11188245_1009781652380506_825782114108604070_n[1]11071142_1009781809047157_1411493957732792576_n11206001_1009781882380483_4420485223972326413_n[1]If you’d like to achieve Amanda’s retro inspired look, the set is extremely important. Start by sectioning off hair at the nape of the neck. Using a one-inch barrel iron, begin to set the hair. Each curl in this section should be facing the same direction and pinned in the same direction. The section above your first should be facing the opposite direction and pinned in the opposite direction. Continue in the same fashion as you move up to the crown. When you reach the crown, curl and pin the curls towards the face. Allow the hair to cool, so the curls can really take shape. As you take the set down, use a paddle brush to loosen the curl. Use your fingers to manipulate shape.

For Amanda, we added a full head of Remy natural hair clip-ins for extra length and added fullness. The extensions blended perfectly with Amanda’s hair and made a tremendous difference on her overall look.


Location: Mcloone’s in Long Branch NJ

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