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Keep Problem Skin from Becoming a Wedding Problem

No one understands the fear of acne flare-ups more than those with problem skin. If you fall into this category, stop hoping your skin could just look good for once. Take control of the problem for once and for all.

Go for a facial – A professional facial works wonders on the skin and is your best bet for fast results. Most problems, however, can’t be resolved with just one facial. It takes maintenance to get your skin in a, consistently, good place. Your esthetician will help you come up with a routine and game plan after examining your skin.

Pay attention to what you’re eating – What you put into your body is everything. Try cutting down on your dairy intake, as dairy can be very clogging. Increase your intake of vegetables and be sure to drink a lot of water.

Keep track of your bathroom habits – This may sound strange, but bowel movements are one of the ways our bodies get rid of toxins. If you are not ridding of these toxins in the bathroom, they will come out in other ways, and it could be one of the reasons your skin isn’t looking its best.

If you are not experiencing regular bowel movements, try increasing your fiber intake.

Years from now you shouldn’t be looking at your wedding photos only to remember the surprise pimple that popped up for the occasion. Everyone should experience the feeling of relief that clear skin can bring. Take control of your life today.

To set up a facial call Magda, slots fill up quickly, so don’t put off making your appointment.

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