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Two Rules to Guarantee Picture Perfect Pictures

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, the most photographed day of your life will likely be your wedding. So how can you guarantee you’ll love your photos? We asked Marie Papp — one of the best photographers in the New York, New Jersey area— what you can do to make sure your wedding photos are picture perfect.

Rule #1 don’t cut corners on hair and makeup. The worst is possible. Throughout Marie’s career she’s seen brides redo their look after the stylist has left. Talk about a waste of money and added stress. One time, she told us, the hair stylist never even showed up! Ever since that happened Marie began emphasizing the importance of a hair and makeup trial to her brides. “I want them to make sure they LOVE their look. If the bride loves her hair and makeup she radiates her beauty naturally.”

Rule #2 “there are NO do overs with wedding photography.” Sure the cheaper photographer might look best on your budget, but are you really getting the best deal? “The best deal may not always produce the best results,” stresses Marie. “Good photography is priceless. When all is said and done, you’ll want to work with the person that has a good reputation and produces the images you’ll love. After all, this will be your legacy.”

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What elements do you feel are the most important to a photograph?

“Tasteful portraits of the couple and family. Heartfelt candids of the event throughout the day that show the emotion and connection among family and friends. My favorite time is documenting my client turn into a beautiful and radiant bride!”Marie Papp Photography

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