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NJ Wedding Hair/Makeup – The Brick House Wedding

IMG_8460 2natural makeupPonytail swept ot one sideFor bride, Megan Gobasak, the day’s look was soft hair, a neutral palette of taupes and browns, a shade of berry for the lips, and orgasmic cheeks.

To start, we used a silicone-based foundation—Face Atelier—which doesn’t crease or flake, giving Megan one less thing to think about throughout her big day. With the days foundation laid, we put our focus to the eyes, using two Mac shadows: Soba and Sketch. Soba, a taupe color, started on the lid and was feathered to the crease. The white shimmer hidden in the shadow helped to bring out a slight sparkle in the eye. Where Soba ended, Sketch began—a deep burgundy, used to pull the color of the eye, and a gel liner was swept across the lid to accentuate the look. For the lips, we dabbed on Mac’s Viva La Glam VI, a warm berry color.  For the cheeks, a touch of Orgasm, by Nars, to define the face.

Megan’s hair was set and styled into a side ponytail. Then, section by section, each curl was pinned into place. We combed back the hair to create the height at crown. To tame and smooth fly away hair, we used Kenra sprays #9, #13, and #25.
When we finished, Megan stood, breathtaking, and ready to walk down the isle of The Brick House in style.

All photography was done by ByMillieBPhotography
Location: The Brick House

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Wedding day Hair & Makeup – Union League of Philadelphia

Bethann and I met a few years prior at a previous wedding, where myself and my team were the artists on board.  As I read through her first email I became very excited to learn that it was now her turn and that we would be working together again!  She had further explained that the wedding would be taking place in Philadelphia and in December!  I could not wait, I love Phily and absolutely love winter weddings!

We met a few months later for a trial run.  Bethann explained to me that she wanted a timeless and classic look.  I could not have agreed more!

On the day of Jessica and I arrived at The Union League of Philadelphia and fell in love!  As we were escorted up to the Bridal Suite we were in awe with the marble floors, carved wood and high ceilings.
As we began to set up the ladies starting arriving.  Jessica started on the bridesmaids makeup and I began setting all the hair.  The bridesmaids requested that there makeup be kept soft, natural, glowing and the hair be soft as well, they wanted nothing that looked to polished or prom like. The styles varied from all down to all up and low to the nape of the neck.  As for the Bride, we styled the hair with a relaxed part slightly off center and kept volume all around the root.  The hair was pinned low to the nape of the neck.  A final spray of Kenra #25 was used to keep the hair secured and smooth away any remaining flyaways. Her makeup was kept in neutral shadows which complimented her beautiful blue eyes.  Liner was placed on both the top and bottom, and to finish off the look single lashes were applied.

Wedding day hair & makeup @ the Union League of Philadelphia

Wedding hair & makeup @ Union League of PhiladelphiaWedding hair & makeup @ the Union League of Philadelphia

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NJ Makeup/Hair Stylist – Pleasantdale Chateau

Another beautiful wedding with a gorgeous Bride at the Pleasantdale Chateau!  Lindsey’s style and clean classic look was simply amazing and complimented every detail which all flowed together wonderfully.
Lindsey decided that since she was not a huge hair and makeup lover that she wanted to keep her look natural.  We agreed that this clean and classic look would compliment not only her style but all of the fine details that she was envisioning for her big day.  Well Lindsey sure did not disappoint!  Her hair was kept very classic and low to the nape of the neck.  We decided that this not only would keep the hair looking natural and soft but also still let her feel like she had hair around her face and neck, since she wore her hair down on a daily basis.  She also did not want the hair to look over done.  I accomplished this by pinning each section as the hair naturally fell out of the set.
Lindsey has flawless skin – I used very little foundation and really blended it out to a bare minimum, highlighting herThe Pleasantdale Chateau NJ Wedding Hair & Makeupcheeks, forehead and brow area.  Her eyes were also kept naturally by just using a taupe shadow and placing it onto the lid and blending up into the crease.  Lips are neutral with and undertone of gold.
As you can see Lindsey was surely breathtaking!
The Pleasantdale Chateau NJ Wedding Hair & Makeup (2)The Pleasantdale Chateau NJ Wedding Hair & Makeup 3The Pleasantdale Chateau NJ Wedding Hair & Makeup 4

Jacqueline Arbucci - Hello,

I am getting married on August 16, 2015 at the Pleasantdale Chateau. I need hair and makeup for 6 people for 10:30am. Are you available for this date? Thank you!

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The Inn at Fernbrook Farms/NJ Wedding Makeup/Hair Stylist

When I arrived at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms I fell in love!  The grounds were amazing and I immediately knew that this was the perfect setting for this European, woodsy, vintage styled photo shoot and Lauren our model was just the right finishing touch.
My vision was a vintage hairstyle that still looked soft and touchable.  Some what effortlessly done.  I accomplished this by setting the hair and then brushing through the waves to soften the look and to add in just the right amount of texture. I then sectioned the hair into 3 sections and began to roll the back section into a soft, low and loose chignon.  Next I attached the front sections right above the existing chignon and created and upside down version.  Then I sprayed Kenra #14 to smooth out some of the flyaways.
The look for makeup is soft, I did not want to take away from Laurens beautiful big blue eyes, so I decided to use pinks and browns to really pop those beautiful blues!  Liner was kept to a minimum and lashes were a must!  The lashes added the finishing touches and gave the perfect va va voom effect I was looking for.  Cheeks were kept in a soft pink and lips neutral.
The look complimented the gown as well as the whole feel of the shoot!  Thanks Fernbrook Farms and By Millie B. Photography for an awesome shoot!

nj and ny wedding hair & makeup 003

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Natural Smokey Eye Tutorial

Soft an natural smokey eye

Soft an natural smokey eye

smkoy eye for blog 006

I love a clean and classic look.  A soft neutral smokey eye goes a long way, and can be the perfect way to enhance the eye just enough to look great in person as well as on camera, making this a great choice for your wedding day!  To keep the look as natural as possible stay away from va va voom colors, choose Earth tone combinations.  Earth tone combinations can vary from browns to greys and greens, keeping your eye color in mind find the tones that will compliment you the best.

Gianna has great eye space. Taking that into consideration along with her eye coloring I thought it would be best to work with a Brown Palette.  I created this soft natural look so that the shadows would compliment her hazel eyes while keeping the eye space bright and open.

To create this look a few things are needed;
1. Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion
2. Makeup Forever HD Foundation
3. Bobbi Brown Shadow in Bone
4. Makeup Forever Shadow  in #76, #17, #306
5. Maybelline The Falsies in Very Black
6. Disposable Mascara Wands
7. Makeup sponge
8 Ardell Individuals in Black
9. Brow Brush
10. Mac Brush #224, #275

Begin by applying a thin layer of eye shadow primer to the entire lid.  This will help block oils and keep the shadows in place.  Next apply a thin layer of foundation, this will create a flawless canvas.  Now you can start with your shadows, use Bobbi Browns Bone shadow and apply to the entire lid, now place  Makeup Forever’s #17 on the lid.  Pat the shadow into place and then blend shadow.  Once shadow has been blended the next step is to create your crease, take Makeup Forever #76 with a crease brush apply shadow directly into crease by moving brush back and forth. Next use Makeup Forever #306 by placing into the inner corner and blending the shadow right above the crease, now take your bone shadow and sweep the color under the brow and blend into crease as well.  Next use #17 to create a smokey liner and add a few individual lashes to the lash line, apply a coat of black mascara, fill in brows and comb through. Final step, use #76 and sweep shadow under the lower lash line, and apply another coat of mascara to the top and bottom lash line.smkoy eye for blog 005

smkoy eye for blog 002smkoy eye for blog 003

smkoy eye for blog 004


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