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Get Flawless Skin – Dermasweep A Must For Most Brides

What Bride doesn’t want flawless radiant skin?  Skin that will not need loads of makeup to cover up sun damage, fine lines, acne, or scarring.  While proper cleansing and nutrition help aid in this process, Dermasweep is the insurance policy that will cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

Dermasweep is a an amazing procedure that is done with little or no down time creating just that!   The Sweep is a non-invasive exfoliation and skin resurfacing system.   The system uses multiple bristle tips which allow to customize and chose the depth level of exfoliation, a precision vacuum pressure that stimulates exfoliation and blood circulation, and a wide range of topical solutions.  By using a variable- level vacuum system and different types of treatment tips, the top most layer of skin is removed in a controlled manner.  The bristles help sweep away the epidermis layer of skin while the dead skin cells are vacuumed away.  This technique ensures that the skin is thoroughly exfoliated without being to abrasive.  The topical solutions are then infused further customizing each treatment.  The infusion penetrates deeper with the removal of the Epidermis and is stimulated to penetrate even further by the vacuum and eraser technique of the applicator tip which stimulates further blood circulation.

Magda truly believes that a combination of a customized skin care program including treatments, a skin care regimen, and nutrition are the foundation to beautiful healthy glow.  Beautiful skin is a must for everyone, especially a Bride.  A lot of time and detail are put into designing your wedding day – from the venue and flowers to styling your perfect look.  This process can be one of the most stressful parts of  wedding planning and your skin will show it all.   So remember to take the proper care of your skin by taking the proper steps to ensure a flawless no makeup look for your big day!

To receive more info about this procedure please contact Magda through our contact page.
She will be happy to answer any questions and to get you started on your way to your most beautiful skin!dermasweep before & afterdermasweep before & after 2


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NJ Bridal Hair & Makeup at The Ryland Inn

I just can’t get enough of my Beautiful Bride Kathryn’s stunning look!  Not only is she breath taking but is a genuine sweetheart.

Kathryn and I had first met in Hoboken for her trial and hit it off.  We discussed her vision and style and together created a wedding look that perfectly complimented her features, and amazing gown by Alvina Valenta .

The day arrived before we knew it !  My talented makeup artist Kelly and I met with Kathryn and the ladies at the Bridgewater Marriot.

I began by curling Kathryn’s hair with 2 different sized barrels.  The smaller barrel was used around the crown and the larger barrel on the back sections.  The different sized curls helps to create a natural look with body and texture.  The curls were pinned into a set and cooled.
Temptu’s foundation, blush and highlight were applied.  The application was soft which created a flawless – no makeup  look with a beautiful glow.  When airbrush is applied correctly the application should never look heavy or mask like.  The eyes were softly shaded by using Makeup Forever’s shadow palette.  Lips were softly colored with Nars Bahama and Mac Viva Glam VI.  To complete the look a few single lashes were applied.

The set was taken down and curls were loosened by finger combing through the sections and applying a soft spray for some hold.  The hair was then styled into a low to the nape wavy chignon.   The crown sections were pinned loosely into place, paying close attention not to remove the body or height from the root.  By doing so this would keep the look textured and romantic.  The final hair spray was applied – Kenra #25 and the veil placed.

The Bride was off to The Ryland Inn to meet her prince!


MagdaMagdaMagdaMagdaMagdaMagdaThe Ryland Inn Magda

Resources: Venue – The Ryland Inn, Gown Designer – Alvina Valenta, Bridal Boutique – Kleinfeld Bridal,
Bridal Hair & Makeup – Magda’s Designs Inc., Photography – AnyaFoto Photography, Florist – Twisted Willow Flowers

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Wedding Hair & Makeup/Outdoor Rustic Wedding

The rain could not stop this beautiful couple from throwing one heck of an amazing wedding!   I must say it is one of my all time favorites and Mille B captured it all!

The Bride and the Grooms unique rustic style and taste were showcased all through out the event;  from the flowers, centerpieces, and favors all the way to the gown and not to mention the beautiful hair & makeup designed by yours truly Magda’s Designs!Magda

Makeup and Hair stylist on the scene- Magda and Netsai

Magda created our beautiful Bride’s look that day, as well all of the beautiful maids that day, and our talented stylist  Netsai perfected all of the ladies hairdos.

The Bride chose a very romantic hairstyle which was full of body and swept of to one side creating the look of a side ponytail.   Magda created this style by adding clips of human hair extensions through out the entire head, and then divided the hair into sections.  The sections were then curled by 2 different barrel sizes.  Using the different sized barrels helps the curls look more natural, setting the hair prior to styling will help create body and texture, it also helps the curls stay intact.  (the hair is also backcombed by the root).

MagdaMagdaMagdaMagdaMakeup is kept soft and neutral.  Lashes are added for some extra flair and help to create some additional focus on the eye.  The cheeks are swept with a Bobbi Brown blush in Pink Coral and then highlighted with Kevin Aucoins Candlelight powder. Lips were kept nude, Biscayne Park by Nars worked perfectly.  The color is a warm to light medium peach with a bit of pink and a creamy finish.



Photographer; By Millie B. Photography, Hair & Makeup Magda’s Designs Bridal Hair & Makeup
Hair products; Kenra


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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter
Winter’s harsh extremities like cold weather, rough winds, and lower humidity levels are notorious for wreaking havoc on our skin, leaving it dry, cracked, itchy, and unappealing. The reason this happens is because these extremities break down the skin’s lipid barriers, which are there to protect it from dehydration and external dangers. This isn’t to say that we have to throw our hands up and give in to the winter woes of skin, it just means we need to add a little extra TLC to our daily routines. Follow the 5 steps below to keep your skin hydrated and you happy this winter.

  1. Avoid hot showers – I know this is a tough one. All I want to do when I’m cold is take a hot shower or bath, but think of your lipid barriers here. Taking a hot shower may feel good in the moment, but having extra dry skin afterwards will not!
  2. Use a humidifier – The forced heat in your home can be extremely drying for your skin, by using a humidifier in your home, you will be adding moisture back to the air.
  3. Up your water intake – By drinking more water you are helping you skin maintain its hydration level, which in turn helps to protect the lipid line.
  4. Change your lotion – During the winter months you should not be using water-based lotions. Look for one that contains Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is great because it can retain moisture up to 1,000 times. I will take this time to also note that you should still be wearing sunscreen!
  5. Hydrate from within – Eating foods that have high water content will help keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Think avocados, celery, cucumber, etc..

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“10 Winter Skin Care Tips: Banish Dry Skin.” WebMD. WebMD, n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2015.

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