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4 Things You Should do Daily

Growing up, both men and women come to adopt some sort of routine. A beauty regimen, if you will. Whether it be what days we workout to what days we wash our hair, we all have a method to our madness and it gives us a sense of satisfaction. Monotony does cause our routines to be ever changing, but the goal is constant; look and feel our best. With that being said, there are a few things that should—if they’re not already—be added into your routine and never taken out.

1. Drink Plenty of Water – Drinking water improves the elasticity of our skin, flushes toxins out of vital organs, and keeps our bodies hydrated.

2. Exercise – Our lives get busy, and there’s not always time to make it to the gym, but there are multiple ways to squeeze a little exercise into a daily routine. Instead of taking the elevator at work, take the stairs. While watching t.v workout during commercials. Working out boosts energy, controls weight, and regular physical activity has anti-aging effects at the cellular level.

3. Oil Pulling – Swish a tablespoon of Coconut Oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Try doing it while you’re in the shower (don’t spit it down the drain). Coconut Oil has been proven to reduce plaque, improve bad breath, and whiten teeth.

4. Eat Healthy – Our bodies need proper vitamins and nutrients to function properly. Adding more fruits and vegetables into our daily lives will improve digestions, skin, and overall health.

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A Wedding at Laurita Winery

Laurita Winery is a magical place and not just because of the wine. Imagine 40 acres of land where all you can see are rolling vineyards and budding grapes. An enchanting place tucked away from the rest of the world. Would you get married here? We would!

Lauren is the type of girl who can rock a pixie style hair cut and look completely angelic. So all we did was give her a blowout, adding body to the heigh of the crown.

Lid– Naked Bobbi Brown
– liner – Make Up For Ever, Aqua Black (liner is thick but not extended) 
Crease – Beige and  Mahogany by Bobbi Brown, Sketch, and Soft Brown by Mac
BrowsAnastasia brunette, Shroom by mac under brow
Cheeks– Nars Orgasm
Lips – Nars Sex Machine , Mac Nymphette
Lashes – Maybeline Falsies Waterproof Black Drama

lauren 8

lauren 14lauren 13lauren 12lauren 3lauren 1

lauren 9
lauren 7lauren 5lauren 2lauren 4

Venue: Laurita Winery | Hair & Makeup Magda’s Designs |

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Two Rules to Guarantee Picture Perfect Pictures

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, the most photographed day of your life will likely be your wedding. So how can you guarantee you’ll love your photos? We asked Marie Papp — one of the best photographers in the New York, New Jersey area— what you can do to make sure your wedding photos are picture perfect.

Rule #1 don’t cut corners on hair and makeup. The worst is possible. Throughout Marie’s career she’s seen brides redo their look after the stylist has left. Talk about a waste of money and added stress. One time, she told us, the hair stylist never even showed up! Ever since that happened Marie began emphasizing the importance of a hair and makeup trial to her brides. “I want them to make sure they LOVE their look. If the bride loves her hair and makeup she radiates her beauty naturally.”

Rule #2 “there are NO do overs with wedding photography.” Sure the cheaper photographer might look best on your budget, but are you really getting the best deal? “The best deal may not always produce the best results,” stresses Marie. “Good photography is priceless. When all is said and done, you’ll want to work with the person that has a good reputation and produces the images you’ll love. After all, this will be your legacy.”

marie papp 5

marie papp 9marie papp 4marie papp 8marie papp 7marie papp 6marie papp 1

What elements do you feel are the most important to a photograph?

“Tasteful portraits of the couple and family. Heartfelt candids of the event throughout the day that show the emotion and connection among family and friends. My favorite time is documenting my client turn into a beautiful and radiant bride!”Marie Papp Photography

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A Rustic Wedding at Perona Farms

Combine a country atmosphere and an old dairy farm with twinkling white lights, the scent of wild flowers, and the sound of live music. Could you dream of a more romantic ambiance? Nicole and Billy certainly had their wedding planning down pat. I mean, I seriously cannot get enough of these pictures. Everywhere you look there is something new, some personal touch that catches your eye. What’s most eye catching, however, and I’m sure Billy would agree, was Nicole herself.

Nicole’s look was created with a Bobbi Brown eye palette. Magda used aqua black liner by Make Up For Ever on her top lid. For a bottom eye liner, she used Stone from the Bobbi Brown Palette. Her lashes were colored with Maybelline’s Black Drama, Falsies Volume Express. Magda also used Anastasia Beauty express for Nicole’s brows and eyes.

For coverup, Magda used Face Atelier’s #4 and #5, as well as, Make Up For Ever’s HD Definition Powder. On Nicole’s cheeks, she used the Among Us Palette by Nars. This palette allows for contouring so a highlight was placed above the cheekbone and above the eyebrow, bronzing powder was brushed right below the cheek bone and under the jawline and the pink was dusted onto the apple of her cheeks.

Nicole’s hair was set and separated into two sections. Each section was tied into a ponytail and rolled up. The second section was back combed in the root, smoothed, and pinned directly above the first section. A few pieces of  hair were pinned to create a fuller appearance. For the finishing touches, Magda took the front sections of Nicole’s hair and curled them with a Chi Orbit Iron which created retro-styled waves.

Perona farms12Perona farms4Perona farms5Perona farms11Perona farms 8Perona farms10Perona farms7Perona farms 2Perona farms 1

Hair & Makeup: Magda’s Designs | Venue:Perona Farms| Photographer: By Millie B Photography | Florist: Ibranyi | Dress Designer: Watters from Lovely Bride | Hair Accessory: Anthropologie


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