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What and When Wedding Timeline


It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of. The man you’re in love with has asked to spend the rest of his life with you. Now your thoughts are intermingled with flowers, dresses and all the planning that goes into making your wedding the fairytale you’ve always visualized. With the perfect wedding, comes the perfect look: the hair, the makeup, the flawless skin.

Magda’s Designs has over 15 years specializing in creating elegant wedding hairstyles and flawless, all day, wedding makeup. Magda and her team of professional and highly trained artists offer airbrush makeup, as well as, natural makeup application. You’ve already got the hard part, let Magda and her team take care of the rest.


Looking at old pictures can illicit some cringe-worthy responses. You find yourself questioning why you permed your hair for prom or why you bleached it so blonde it looked white. It may be funny to laugh now, but thats because those moments are long gone. You’re not going to find it funny if you’re in a similar situation on the day of your wedding. To avoid bad hair, take the time to plan out your look.

When it comes to choosing a stylist, give yourself a 6 month window. Scheduling in advance gives you time to shop for someone you love and you’ll be at less risk of finding out your, first choice, stylist has been booked. Slots fill up quickly, so reduce the stress and be ahead of the curve.

Keep in mind, not all stylists travel. Find someone who’s services mesh best with the needs of your day. You’ll want someone who’s able to give you the right feedback. A lot goes into the perfect ‘do: your dress, face shape, hair length and texture. Every detail should tie together gracefully. With that being said, getting your hair’s health in tip top shape will be, hugely, beneficial in the appearance of your overall look.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but avoid washing your hair daily. Constant shampooing strips away the natural oils and sebum needed to nourish and moisturize your hair. You can offset excess oil by using a dry shampoo on in-between days. The more you’re washing your hair, the more likely you’re using a hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, and the like. The direct heat can cause breakage and will burn your hair; it’s not a good look. By reducing one, you’re minimizing the damage from the other; it’s a win, win.

The hair at your ends has been around longer than those at the roots, meaning, of course, the bottom of your hair has incurred more damage; its drier and weaker. Any split ends that are left for too long will get worse and could leave you playing catch up. That breakage will work its way up the hair shaft, giving off a frayed and brittle look. Getting regular cuts will help with both the appearance and strength of the hair.

Finally, decide what color you want your hair to be for the wedding and start making the switch. If you’re used to playing around with colors, you already know what the transition process can be like. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment to reach the ideal color, and you’ll want to avoid dying your hair back to back last minute.


On the days leading up to your wedding, you’ll be running around, finalizing last-minute details. Hopefully you wont be stressing too much, but if you are, you don’t want it to be over your skin. Just by scheduling a few facials in the months preceding your big day, you’ll be making a tremendous difference on your overall look.

If you’re prone to acne, it can be fixed. Magda is an esthetician with over 15 years of experience. She is available for facials or any questions you have regarding skin care. If you already have a facialist, start setting up monthly appointments. After all, makeup lays best on clear skin, and we want you to look flawless. A deep cleanse will extract congested pores, getting rid of any bacteria that may lead to infection or scarring.

Even if acne is not one of your concerns, you will benefit with softer, more even-toned skin. A facial reduces fine lines and dark marks by increasing cell metabolism and creating fibroblasts that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen.

In your photos, we want you to glow, not shine. By getting regular facials, you’ll be able to balance your oil production while retaining your skins moisture. This will help to keep your skin soft, so the makeup will blend with the skin instead of having a flaky appearance.

Beauty Timeline:

Your wedding is the day you’re going to spend an entire year planning, and you have a lot of things to prepare. Logistically, you know to book a venue, get the flowers, and send out invitations. What we don’t want you to forget, is to prepare yourself. Below is a beauty timeline that includes the what and when for getting prepared physically.

1 Year Prior:

Facial – Facials can be customized to the individual and their needs. You’ll want to get with your esthetician to come up with a skincare regimen that works best for you. If you have acne-prone skin, this is especially important. The last thing you’ll want is a surprise pimple the day of your wedding.

Exercise & nutrition – Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today. You’re going to be on display and be in a lot of pictures, you’ll want to feel good about yourself. A toned body and a healthy glow will help you feel like a million bucks.

Hair: Work on getting the color and health of your hair where you want it to be for your wedding. If you’re looking to get any conditioning treatments, be sure to speak to your stylist first. Certain treatments can make the hair difficult to work with.

6 Months Prior:

Hair and Makeup Trial Scheduling a hair and makeup trial may seem like something that can be put off until you’re closer to the date, but slots fill up extremely quick. You don’t want to call a stylist you love, only to find out they’re booked the day of your wedding.

Tanning If you’re planning to get a spray tan, you’ll want to avoid looking orange. Finding a place early gives you the time to find a place you’ll like. You’ll also get to see what the process entails, which will help you avoid making any spray tan mistakes.

Getting a glow from a tanning bed is another option. Going early gives you a chance to figure out what it takes to get the tan you want; the type of bed, lotion, and the amount of time you go in for makes a difference. You don’t want to burn or peel.

Eyebrows Eyebrows have a way of defining facial features, so be sure to go to a reputable place. Whether you’re getting waxed, threaded, or tweezed, you may need to allow time for eyebrow hair to grow in. Start going to someone as soon as possible, so they can help you form your ideal shape.

3 Months Prior:

Teeth Whitening Try cutting back on drinks that will stain your teeth like coffee or tea. This can take some time. Even if you plan on getting your teeth professionally whitened, you may need more than one session.

1-2 Weeks Prior

Hair For a fresh look you should get a root touch up or a quick trim. This is not the time to be changing it up, so no drastic changes in hair length and no new colors.

Waxing It’s time to prepare for the wedding night and honeymoon. If you want any bodily hair removed, now is the time. Get waxing done before a spray tan.

Eyebrows Your eyebrows should also be done before a spray tan. Any strays that grow in can be plucked.

Tanning  A spray tan will last for about a week, naturally fading as your skin sheds. Exfoliate beforehand to get rid of any dead skin and to help the tan last longer. Make sure your skin is hydrated, the drier the skin, the worse the tan will look. Do not get sprayed too close to your wedding day, you don’t want any of the color coming off on your dress.

If you’re going tanning at a salon, the tan will last a little longer. Again, be sure to exfoliate and hydrate the skin beforehand. You don’t want your skin to peel or burn. If you’re prone to burning, a spray tan would be your best bet.

2 Days Prior

Nails A manicure and pedicure are a must. Go with a more neutral color, bright nails will attract too much attention and detract from your overall look.

Day Before

There are probably a few things you’re still running around doing, but take time to relax, rest, and stay hydrated. After all, you’re getting married tomorrow!

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Wedding at Congress Hall

Wedding hair & makeup @ Congress Hall- Cape May, NJ

Wedding hair & makeup @ Congress Hall - Cape May, NJ (4)

Wedding hair & makeup @ Congress Hall - Cape May, NJ (2)

Wedding hair & makeup Congress Hall - Cape May, NJ

wedding hair & makeup @ congress hall - cape may, nj (7)

wedding hair & makeup @ congress hall - cape may, nj (6)

Margaret and her husband exchanged vows in Cape May at the, iconic, Congress Hall. In the background, waves crashed upon the shoreline, and the warm summer sun kissed the skin of all those in attendance. The day was nothing short of elegant and Margaret’s look followed suit.

Her hair was styled to showcase her bone structure and keep shadows off her face. To accomplish the look, Margaret’s hair was pulled back, completely off her face, and styled low. We wound her hair in curlers and as each section fell, the pieces were pinned into place. The crown was textured and back combed just in the roots for lift and softness. We used Kenra sprays #9, #13, and #25.

To set the canvas for her makeup, we used foundations #4 and #5 from the Face Atelier collection. For extra color, we used a Bobbi Brown bronzer, and got rid of any shine by using Krylong Professional Translucent Powder.

For Margaret’s eyes, we used softer tones from a mac palette. To begin, the entire lid was covered in Vanilla. Starting on the inside and blending into the inner crease was Honesty. The color was used to illuminate the look and open the eyes. On the outer lid and crease, we used Soba. Soba is a soft brown, so to darken the outer crease we added Cork. To blend the colors, Saddle was swept across the the length of the eye, just above the crease. The warm, orangey brown melted into the other colors, allowing one to gracefully flow in to the next. For the liner, we used Blacktrack gel liner. Under the eye, Soba was blended with the liner to create a smokey look. To define Margaret’s eyebrows, we used Cork. To highlight them, Shroom was dusted underneath. Single lashes were then added and colored with a black water-proof mascara by Cover Girl. For the finishing touches, we painted her lips with Viva Glam V gloss.

A smile crept across Margaret’s face as she looked in the mirror one last time. She was ready.

Photographer: Andy Graham Todes Photography 

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Fall Wedding at Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, NJ

amy c 1amy c 3amy c 4of=50,480,319-3of=50,480,319-6

Amy and John’s wedding was held on a beautiful autumn day. Crisp leaves, the color of red, orange, and amber, painted the backdrop and symbolized the beautiful change these two were about to embark upon.

To get Amy ready for her walk down the aisle, we clipped in human hair extensions for added volume. Her hair was styled half up, half down, with 3/4 of it combed back around the crown. The curls were pinned in such a way that allowed them to elegantly cascade down her back.

On her face, Pro Ultra’s, Face Atelier, shade #6, was used as a base. Atop that, we dusted HD powder by Makeup Forever, which laid the foundation for a flawless look. For added definition, a highlight powder was used both above and below the brow, as well as, above the cheeks.

To bring out the color in Amy’s eyes, we used the Rich Chocolate eye palette by Bobbi Brown. To start off with a clean slate, we applied, Bone, an off-white to the lid. For the outer lid, we used Stone, which was swept into the crease, combining with Rich Chocolate. Just above the crease we used a nude color, Frappe, for blending purposes. To open up the eyes, we applied Champagne Truffle on her inner lid. The color was also added under the brow to lift and brighten Amy’s look. Single lashes were then added and coated with two layers of waterproof mascara in order to avoid any makeup mishaps.

Amy was just about ready. She puckered her lips to be glossed with, Mac’s, Viva Glam V, and for the finishing touches, we dabbed Orgasm, by Nars, across her cheeks. She looked impeccable.

It was such a pleasure to work with Amy, who’s smile is as big as her heart, and we wish her nothing but success on her new journey.

Photography: Michael Simon Photography


The 5 Best Wedding Venues in New Jersey » Best Blog for Wedding Hair & Wedding Makeup NY NJ - […] The photo speaks for itself, The Ryland Inn is absolutely stunning, and it gets better. Their Grand Ballroom has 30 foot ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, 6 chandeliers, and hardwood floors. They can accommodate up to 225 guests for a seated affair and are known for their award-winning farm to table menu. They also have a private outdoor patio that’s great for cocktail parties and outdoor ceremonies. Take a look at our Ryland Inn brides HERE and HERE. […]

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How to Avoid a Wedding Hair Don’t

There are multiple factors that go into finding the perfect ‘do for the I do’s. To avoid the cringe-worthy, “What was I thinking?” we’ve compiled a list to narrow down the styles that will work best for you.

Face shape

A good hairstyle is meant to accentuate your positive attributes and minimize your not-so-positive ones. Because of this, the same look can appear completely different on two contrasting people. To know what will work best for you, you first need to determine the shape of your face: oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond, or oblong.

For example, if you have a round face, your hair should have more volume at the crown of your head. This will add length to the face, especially if you have shorter hair.

If you have an oblong look, you’ll want to add width. Shorter looks compliment an oblong face, however, if you like a longer style, adding curls or layers will give width to your cheekbones.


The wedding dress could be the determining factor in whether hair will be up or down. Your hair should be worn in an up-do if your dress has a detailed back or a high neckline. The idea is to compliment the gown, not compete with it. Also consider your chosen wedding date and venue location. If you’re getting married during the hot summer months, or saying your vows on a beach, where wind is a factor, you may want your hair up or pinned back.

Your Hair

Consider the length and texture of your hair. With shorter hair, there will be some limitations with the style and type of accessory you choose. If you wish to keep your hair short, get it cut a few weeks prior the big day to give the edges a chance to soften. If you choose a style that requires longer hair, you may have time to let it grow, or you might consider extensions. Extensions can also be used to add volume and body to those with fine hair.


If you plan to wear a veil, tiara, or barrette, you’ll want to find a style that adorns your overall look and doesn’t over power or hide amongst it.

Before going to your trial, It helps to be prepared with a picture of your dress and some ideas as to what style you are looking for. If you are wearing an accessory in your hair, bring it with you.

To book your trial call Magda at 908-447-6910

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Why Facials are Important

Like it or not, complexion provides a first impression. Your skin may display a tired, worn look, signs of aging, or over exposure from the sun. Because the skin is a first defense against any element, pores are constantly filing with dirt, oil and bacteria . If these things are not removed they will fester and can lead to acne, fine lines and age spots. Regardless of the stressor, it can cause a spectrum of emotion and have damaging affects on self esteem. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these problems.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and in order to maintain its health, it needs to be taken care of properly. Getting facials regularly will not only aid in preventative matters, but a facial done well can reduce or rid these nuances.

Below are the top 3 reasons people get facials:

1. Acne: A deep cleanse will unclog congested pores, allowing your skin to breathe. By getting rid of this bacteria, it will keep the area from getting infected and can help to prevent scarring.

2. Aging: With the increase of age comes the decrease of collagen, leading to wrinkles and saggy skin. Facials increase cell metabolism, creating fibroblasts. Because fibroblasts are responsible for the synthesis of collagen, it will help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Another added bonus of a facial is that it will increase the benefits of your over the counter products. Facials relax and tone the muscles, so your products will absorb into your skin faster.

3. Oily Skin: It can be difficult to get rid of oily skin without over drying it. Getting a regular facial is going to help balance the production of oil while retaining its moisture.

 Bonus tip for the brides* Start getting regular facials before your big day. This will allow you to take control of your skin, so you won’t get any unexpected pimples on the day of your wedding. A facial will also keep your skin soft so the makeup will bind with the skin instead of having a flaky appearance. Not to mention, it’s a great way to relax.




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