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10 Questions You Have About Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

Getting wedding ready takes a lot of work. There’s finding a hair and makeup team you trust, prepping your skin with monthly facials and getting your body in tip top shape. Any needs for hair, makeup, and skin, Magda’s Designs Inc. has you covered. For fitness, we sat down with expert, Jenn Hansen. We asked and she answered the top 10 questions brides want to know about getting in shape for their wedding.

Jenn Hansen, fitness guru, does TRX, HITT, body sculpting, cardio, kickboxing, pre and post pregnancy workouts, and has worked with many brides. It’s more than just getting ready for your wedding, she points out, it’s about picking up the right habits that will stick with you throughout your life. “Be proactive rather than reactive.”

1. What’s the quickest way to slim down?
“Follow the 80%-20% rule. More like the 75% – 25%. With 75% nutrition and 25% exercise. Exercise to build a little muscle and tone.”

2. What can I do to get my arms and shoulders in good shape?
“Incorporate your workouts with other things. i.e. lunge with dumbbells, so you’re working your core as well. Do higher reps with lower weight, and constantly change tempo and speed.”

3. Any Natural Detoxes?
“I do a cleanse twice a year, before the holidays and before summer. It’s a 9 day cleanse called the Beyond Diet by Isabel De Los Rios. I follow her because you’re still eating. I don’t work out during my cleanse, I just rest as much as I can and let my body heal.”

4. What can I do to lose weight if I don’t have much time to work out?
“Always make time. When you’re at work, try getting up every hour, grab a notebook, walk around, sit on a stability ball. Even at home, they have workout shows on On Demand. Educate yourself on healthy eating. There’s always something you can do.”

5. After the final dress fitting I don’t want to lose anymore weight, how can I maintain?
“I like to use the My Fitness Pal app. It helps you keep track of your diet. So if you notice with a certain diet and workout, you’re losing weight each week, you could either increase your calorie count, or don’t work out as hard.”

6. How often should I be working out?
“At least 5 days a week, 3 days of body sculpting, the other 2 can be cardio and core.”

7. What are the best exercises for getting rid of a muffin top?
“Muffin top is mainly diet. You could do a ton of crunches and core work, but it won’t go away without a diet change.”

8. How often should I see a trainer?
“Ideally 2-3 times a week. Find a trainer that will work to fit your needs.”

9. What is the best diet for weight loss?
“Eat food that give you natural energy: avocados, chia seeds, good fats etc.. Don’t eat bad sugars that will cause you to burn out in a few hours.”

10. Do I have to switch up my workout?
“Yes, after two weeks of the same cardio routine, you won’t see a difference. If you see you’re not winded, your body got used to it and you’re not exerting as much energy. You won’t get the results you want.”

“With any ‘quick fix cures’ you’ll end up putting the weight back on,” says Jen. “The best things in life don’t come easy, you have to work at it.”

It was such a pleasure meeting with Jenn. She really knows what she’s talking about, and it’s easy to see she loves what she does. To book Jen for in home fitness training or at Platinum Fitness in Verona N.J. email her at

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Fiddler’s Elbow

600x600_1231174184453-hair_2kellysibonakelly1After posting the photo of Kelly on our Instagram, we received a lot of inquiries about her look. Her wedding was a while ago, so bare with us on the exact details.

We used Temptu’s airbrush foundation, as well as, Face Atelier for any spots that needed excess coverage. The eyes were done using a neutral palette and were lined top and bottom. Kelly’s eyebrows are amazing, so all that was needed was grooming. To lengthen her lashes, we added false ones that were colored with black, waterproof mascara. And for her lips, we used Mac’s Viva Glam V .

For Kelly’s hair, we added extensions. It was set and pinned up to the sides, leaving the curls to cascade down her back.

Kelly is absolutely stunning and was a pleasure to work with. After her wedding, we asked her to model a few different looks for us. You can find those photos on our Instagram at Magda_designs.


Location: Fiddler’s Elbow

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A Wedding at the Nassau Inn


NATALIE-JOHN-0160-X2NATALIE-JOHN-0456-X3During the early days of spring, Natalie returned to Princeton, N.J., the place she fell in love. The grounds were snow-covered, and there was a chill in the air, leaving a romantic backdrop to say “I do.”

We set Natalie’s hair, and as we took it down, gave height to the crown. It was pulled back to the nape of her neck, where each piece was pinned into place. We used Kenra’s extra volume mousse #17 and their volume spay #9. Once the hair was finished, we pinned in the hand-made headpiece made by her aunt.


Eyes: Make Up For Ever Palette

  • Lid: taupe
  • Inner Lid/ Inner Crease: champagne
  • Crease: brown
  • Liner: Aqua Liner Make Up Forever
  • Brows: Smashbox Full Exposure M7
  • Under Brow: Full Exposure S4
  • Lashes: water proof mascara by Maybelline

Lips: Sex Machine by Nars and Nougat by Bobbi Brown


Photography by Minnow Park |

Location: Nassau Inn in Princeton NJ

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Makeup Trends Brides Won’t Regret

mac-ruffian-red-lipstick-reviewCosmetics companies consistently put out new products, so each season is equipped with a new shade of lipstick and a new application method. Over the years, the changing popularity of colors and styles has kept things interesting, but looking back, we realize it hasn’t all worked so well. This is why trends for wedding makeup have remained consistent with subtle changes. Below is a list of trends 2015 brides won’t regret.

Contouring: The reason contouring has become so popular is because it defines the face and highlights your best assets. If it’s done right, it should be subtle.

Soft Eyes: Your wedding day is about you, so you should look like the best version of you that you can be. Going easy on the eyes creates a look of effortless beauty.
shadows to work with: corals, nudes, taupes, browns

Bold Lips: Think 1940’s, Elizabeth Taylor. Red lips are chic, stylish and back in. Not to mention, bold lips are an excellent contrast to neutral eyes.

Don’t forget to book your makeup trial sooner, rather than later. We recommend 3-6 months in advance.


Picardi, Phillip. “So: What Is Contouring and Why Should You Care?” Teen Vogue. Phillip Picardi, n.d. Web. 26 May 2015.
“Wedding Makeup Trends for 2015.” Wedding Bridal Makeup. N.p., n.d. Web.

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Retro Inspired Curls

10641160_1009781719047166_5795123715430145488_n[1]11188245_1009781652380506_825782114108604070_n[1]11071142_1009781809047157_1411493957732792576_n11206001_1009781882380483_4420485223972326413_n[1]If you’d like to achieve Amanda’s retro inspired look, the set is extremely important. Start by sectioning off hair at the nape of the neck. Using a one-inch barrel iron, begin to set the hair. Each curl in this section should be facing the same direction and pinned in the same direction. The section above your first should be facing the opposite direction and pinned in the opposite direction. Continue in the same fashion as you move up to the crown. When you reach the crown, curl and pin the curls towards the face. Allow the hair to cool, so the curls can really take shape. As you take the set down, use a paddle brush to loosen the curl. Use your fingers to manipulate shape.

For Amanda, we added a full head of Remy natural hair clip-ins for extra length and added fullness. The extensions blended perfectly with Amanda’s hair and made a tremendous difference on her overall look.


Location: Mcloone’s in Long Branch NJ

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